S75E69 - Monopoly Streets

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ID S75E69
region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Monopoly Streets
synopsis (EN)To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the world of Monopoly comes to life through a living, breathing city that you can build, own, and monopolize. MONOPOLY STREETS has everything you love about the board game, presented as a street level tour of Mr. Monopoly’s fully animated world.

Engage in a head-to-head race to evolve the surrounding city, accumulate the most wealth, and own it all! Play against your friends live and online on Xbox 360 and PS3! Fresh takes on classic features such as property auctions, add new excitement to the classic play.

From the cheap motels on Baltic Avenue to the luxurious Boardwalk suites, there is excitement around every corner in this remade classic.

* The board comes alive: See your city grow from the groundup as you buy and trade classic Monopoly properties! From fun animations of the classic tokens to the ritzy hotel you can build on Boardwalk, experience Monopoly in a whole new and interactive way
* Mii integration: Play as your own Wii Mii, and see your city filled with personal Mii creations stored on your console
* Streamlined play: An extensive house rules system allows you to play a game in however much time you have
* Auction properties: Add competition to the game by auctioning properties with your friends in a fun, new bidding mini-game. See if you can snatch a great deal, or break someone’s bank!
* Play on multiple boards: Including “Monopoly City,” “Landmark City” and Classic Boards as well
title (ES)Monopoly Streets
synopsis (ES)Para celebrar su 75º aniversario, el mundo Monopoly se convierte en realidad gracias a una ciudad llena de vida que podrás construir, comprar y monopolizar. Desde divertidas animaciones hasta grandes adquisiciones, vive toda la experiencia Monopoly de una manera totalmente nueva e interactiva.
title (ZHTW)地產大亨 風華大街(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)  《地產大亨:風華大街》讓玩家以街道層級體驗這款經典遊戲。在高租金地區開發房地產,附近將會產生如雨後春筍般的眾多房屋與飯店;若是開發低價格的區域,則會產生較樸實乏味的住宅。這款遊戲也讓玩家擁有會隨玩家財富起起落落的企業總部,財富高漲時總部又大又豪華,居下風時總部則又小又寒酸。《地產大亨:風華大街》也將提供經典的遊戲盤模式,玩家可以體驗最傳統
title (ZHCN)大富翁 风华大街(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)   《大富翁:风华大街》让玩家以街道层级体验这款经典游戏。在高租金地区开发房地产,附近将会产生如雨后春笋般的众多房屋与饭店;若是开发低价格的区域,则会产生较朴实乏味的住宅。这款游戏也让玩家拥有会随玩家财富起起落落的企业总部,财富高涨时总部又大又豪华,居下风时总部则又小又寒酸。《大富翁:风华大街》也将提供经典的游戏盘模式,玩家可以体验最传统纯粹的《大富翁》。
developer EA Salt Lake
publisher Electronic Arts
release date 2010-10-26
genre board game
rating E

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Monopoly Streets Wii cover (S75E69)

Monopoly Streets Wii cover (S75E69)

Monopoly Streets Wii cover (S75E69)
Monopoly Streets Wii disc (S75E69)

Monopoly Streets Wii disc (S75E69)