R9IK01 - Pikmin

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region NTSC-K
type Wii
languages KO
title (EN)Pikmin
synopsis (EN)With all-new Wii controls, commanding an army of Pikmin has never been easier.


Captain Olimar has crash landed on a strange, alien world. With the pieces of his ship scattered across the planet, his only hope for survival lies with curious creatures he calls Pikmin. The captain must rally his newfound Pikmin friends and find the missing pieces of his ship ... before it's too late.

* With newly added Wii motion controls, players simply point the Wii Remote controller at the screen to wrangle an army of Pikmin and put them to work.
* The New Play Control! features open this highly rated Nintendo GameCube game to a new generation of players while giving players who loved it the first time a new way to experience it.
* Players take command of up to 100 Pikmin and order them to swarm dangerous predators, demolish barriers and haul critical parts back to their ship. The game combines action and strategy with fun characters.

Game storyline: Everything is going smoothly for Captain Olimar until a comet collides with this spaceship and forces him to crash land on a strange, alien world. After the rough landing, he quickly learns that his ship has broken apart while entering the atmosphere -not to mention the fact that his spacesuit is the only thing between him and a deadly poisonous atmosphere. He enlists the help of the Pikmin, small, indigenous plant-like creatures that inhabit the world, to search out the missing pieces of his ship before he succumbs to the noxious atmosphere. With a horde of Pikmin at his command, he just might have a chance.

How to progress through the game: In Pikmin, players must set out and explore the strange, lush planet and enlist the help of the indigenous Pikmin creatures to find the missing ship parts. Olimar has just 30 days to find all the parts before his air supply runs out. During the adventure, players encounter new types of Pikmin, each with its own special abilities. As players find more parts, new areas of the world are opened up, filled with dangerous native species and other hazards.

Characters: Captain Olimar, Pikmin

Controls: With new Wii controls, commanding an army of Pikmin is easy and fun. Players simply point the Wii Remote controller at the screen and use it as a cursor, making it easy to select a single Pikmin or an entire army. The cursor also makes it much easier to hurl Pikmin intuitively - they fly wherever the cursor is pointing.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Captain Olimar doesn't have any special weapons or super powers. Instead, he has an army of helpful Pikmin. Players can control up to 100 Pikmin at a time. There are several different kinds of Pikmin, each with its own special ability. For example, red Pikmin are immune to heat and fire, while blue Pikmin can survive in water. Players need to use strategy and command their Pikmin well to defeat predators and solve puzzles.
title (ES)Pikmin
synopsis (ES)Olimar, un repartidor que colisionó con un inoportuno asteroide, debe recuperar en 30 días las piezas de su nave, repartidas a lo largo y ancho de un extraño planeta lleno de animales predadores de Pikmin que se vuelve más peligroso cada día. ¿Conseguirá encontrar las partes para reconstruirla?
title (KO)피크민
title (ZHTW)以 Wii 遊玩 皮克敏星球探險(韓)
synopsis (ZHTW)  《以 Wii 遊玩 皮克敏星球探險》乃是以 NGC 平台上所發行的《皮克敏星球探險》為基礎,並加入 Wii 體感控制玩法的移植作品。

  本作是一款畫面既俏皮又可愛的動作遊戲,大鼻子艦長「歐立馬」的太空船被隕石擊中,墬落到皮克敏星球,由於星球的空氣對於歐立馬而言是一種劇毒,歐立馬必須在 30 天內逃離這顆綠色的行星。好在星球上可愛的原生物「皮克敏」願意幫助他找尋散落的太空船零件,艦長能在時限內找齊所有物件嗎?

  遊戲中玩家將交替使用 Wii 控制器與雙節棍操作歐立馬以及可愛逗趣的皮克敏在森林、樹海等關卡間探險。
title (ZHCN)用Wii玩皮克敏(韩)
synopsis (ZHCN)  《用Wii玩皮克敏险》乃是以 NGC 平台上所发行的《皮克敏星球探险》为基础,并加入 Wii 体感控制玩法的移植作品。

  本作是一款画面既俏皮又可爱的动作游戏,大鼻子舰长“欧立马”的太空船被陨石击中,地落到皮克敏星球,由于星球的空气对于欧立马而言是一种剧毒,欧立马必须在 30 天内逃离这颗绿色的行星。好在星球上可爱的原生物“皮克敏”愿意帮助他找寻散落的太空船零件,舰长能在时限内找齐所有物件吗?

  游戏中玩家将交替使用 Wii 控制器与双节棍操作欧立马以及可爱逗趣的皮克敏在森林、树海等关卡间探险。
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2011-1-1
genre strategy
rating ALL

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


피크민 Wii cover (R9IK01)

피크민 Wii cover (R9IK01)

피크민 Wii disc (R9IK01)