R4EE01 - Endless Ocean: Blue World

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Endless Ocean: Blue World
synopsis (EN)Endless Ocean: Blue World builds on the ocean experience first introduced with Endless Ocean™. While the last game emphasized relaxation, this one is designed with more adventure in mind. Divers might find themselves escaping from or calming down attacking sharks, exploring shipwrecks or finding treasure. Endless Ocean: Blue World also has more creatures and improved graphics designed to fully immerse players in an ocean environment that they can freely explore at their own pace.

* Players dive into oceans all around the world to discover the fish, mammals and various sea creatures unique to each region while learning about their habits and behaviors. By selling salvageable items for money, players can buy decorations for their island and buy coral to attact new kinds of fish to their own private reef
* The ocean is teeming with life. Hundreds of real-life species are there to be discovered, from seahorses to giant whales.
* Are the local fish sick or agitated? Players can view their health status and then use a tranquilizer-like tool to zap the ones in need of rehab with healing energy.
* The game also includes a storyline that players can follow as they choose. The plot involves Oceana, a woman who investigates the “Dragon’s Song,” which her father, a prominent ocean explorer, was searching for just before his death.
* While at Nine Ball Island, players can become friends with a dolphin and teach it some new tricks. When on a dive, players can even bring along the dolphin, which players can hold onto for extra fast swimming.
title (ES)Endless Ocean: Blue World
synopsis (ES)El canto a la belleza submarina de Arika se manifiesta en una nueva entrega de Endless Ocean que trae a los aspirantes a submarinistas más mares en los que sumergirse, nuevas especies acuáticas, curiosas herramientas de buceo y, sobre todo, una aventura mística a través de lo desconocido.
title (ZHTW)永恆深藍 海洋的呼喚(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)玩家可體驗在世界上各處的海洋及河川中自由自在的游泳,觀察棲息在當地的各種生物。不僅是可以無目的悠閒的在美麗的海洋世界中潛水,也可為追尋傳說中寶藏之謎,而前往世界中各海洋進行冒險的旅程。







title (ZHCN)永恒蔚蓝2 蓝色世界[WiFi](美)
developer Arika
publisher Nintendo
release date 2010-2-22
genre adventure, simulation
rating E10+

content mild violence, mild suggestive themes

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
accessories classic controller, wii speak
online players 2
online features online connectivity


Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii cover (R4EE01)

Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii cover (R4EE01)

Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii cover (R4EE01)

Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii cover (R4EE01)

Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii disc (R4EE01)

Endless Ocean: Blue World Wii disc (R4EE01)