R4EJ01 - Forever Blue: Umi no Yobigoe

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Forever Blue: Umi no Yobigoe
synopsis (EN)The beauty of Endless Ocean is that players can do as much or as little as they like. The relaxed and calm atmosphere of the game gives divers the freedom to explore special locations such as shipwrecks and underwater ruins, discover and interact with sea-life, complete fish logs or simply relax in the soothing environment.

The game opens with players onboard a diving boat, with a crew member who provides advice and tips on finding the best locations for fish and helps players advance the storyline. Players must assume the role of the diver, opting to go into the water to explore sea-life at their own pace utilising tools such as a camera or fish bait. In the cabin on the boat, divers can access the fish log to check out the fish that have been spotted, as well as carry out missions like photographing marine life. These missions unlock content, such as new items to use underwater, or different diving gear that can be used to customize the diver.

Navigating their way through the depths using the Wii remote, players guide their character using the pointer’s cursor, visible as a bright blue dot. When players wish to interact with fish or plants they can highlight them with the pointer and press the A Button. By doing so, players discover new species and build up their fish log. What’s more you can also befriend companions like a dolphin which will become your partner and with whom you can train and swim with.

For players really looking to kick back and relax Endless Ocean features several soothing modes. On the deck of the boat is a deckchair that allows the player to sit and watch the sea. Alternatively in the aquarium section of the game players can select fish
they have seen and add them in an aquarium for a closer inspection. What’s more this game even doubles up as a tranquil screensaver if the Wii Remote is left untouched. The relaxed setting is further heightened with a tranquil soundtrack from New Zealand songstress Hayley Westenra.

If players prefer to dive with a buddy, the Wii’s unique WiFi Connection Service allows players link up with their friends. By exchanging friend codes, two players may dive and explore the ocean together. In this co-op mode they have access to all the tools that can
be used in single player mode, as well as an additional mode of communication controlled with the D-pad. With a fish logbook to complete, items to be salvaged and collected and the ability to listen to your own MP3’s via the Wii SD Card slot while you dive, Endless Ocean provides hours of entertainment.
title (ES)Forever Blue: Umi no Yobigoe
synopsis (ES)El canto a la belleza submarina de Arika se manifiesta en una nueva entrega de Forever Blue que trae a los aspirantes a submarinistas más mares en los que sumergirse, nuevas especies acuáticas, curiosas herramientas de buceo y, sobre todo, una aventura mística a través de lo desconocido.
title (JA)FOREVER BLUE 海の呼び声
title (ZHTW)永恆深藍 海洋的呼喚(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)玩家可體驗在世界上各處的海洋及河川中自由自在的游泳,觀察棲息在當地的各種生物。不僅是可以無目的悠閒的在美麗的海洋世界中潛水,也可為追尋傳說中寶藏之謎,而前往世界中各海洋進行冒險的旅程。







title (ZHCN)永恒蔚蓝2 海的呼唤[WiFi](日)
developer Arika
publisher Nintendo
release date 2009-9-17
genre simulation
rating A

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 2
online features online connectivity


FOREVER BLUE 海の呼び声 Wii cover (R4EJ01)

FOREVER BLUE 海の呼び声 Wii cover (R4EJ01)

FOREVER BLUE 海の呼び声 Wii disc (R4EJ01)