BCAS20026 - Time Crisis 4 (with GunCon 3)

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ID BCAS20026
region NTSC-A
type PS3
languages JA
title (EN)Time Crisis 4 (with GunCon 3)
synopsis (EN)●Contents even richer and special modes introduced

Besides containing the contents of the arcade version, five totally new stages where ‘Guncon FPS Mode’ can be used are also introduced this time, and the player can experience the full event not covered in the arcade version. Like past productions of the series, there are sequentially unlocked Short Missions in this game, estimated to total 25. At the same time, minigames like ‘Gunbullet’ will be newly added.

●Quality of ported stages greatly enhanced in PS3

The original stages, when ported to the PS3, have their quality improved, and gun battles in HD graphic quality are now made real. On the other hand, the characters’ motions are rendered according to the Havoc physics engine. Along with enhanced AI and 5.1 channel audio output support, a high quality performance by the next generation console is now a reality.

●Guncon3 that can be used on all kinds of television sets

The Guncon3 uses infrared emitters to determine the coordinates it is pointing at,allowing it to be used with all kinds of television sets.
developer Nex Entertainment
publisher Namco Bandai Games
release date 2007-11-20
genre action, rail shooter

players 2
req. accessories pad
online players 0
online features download
save blocks 0