BCAS20025 - NBA 08

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ID BCAS20025
region NTSC-A
type PS3
languages EN
title (EN)NBA 08
synopsis (EN)Even better game system.

This time NBA’08 uses an all new reward system. As objectives for the respective phases are achieved, you will receive experience points. And these experience points can be used to alter the appearances of the basketball players. You can collect many different awards too and use them to decorate your virtual trophy room. You can also create a player representing yourself and take to court with the best basketball players.

Enhanced basketball player AI.

Whether it is offence or defense, the AI of the basketball players has become smarter, with correct decisions on positioning and moves according to the situation. The player can also issue strategic instructions, like whether you want to substitute players or call for a time out.
developer SCEA San Diego Studios
publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
release date 2007-10-11
genre sports, basketball

players 4
req. accessories pad
online players 2
online features online
save blocks 0