VALJ - Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Sky

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region NTSC-J
type eShop
languages JA
title (EN)Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Sky
synopsis (EN)Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is a Rail Shooting game, developed by Treasure and published by Nintendo. The game can be controlled using one of four control methods: Wii Remote with Nunchuk, Wii Zapper, Classic Controller (as well as the Classic Controller Pro) and the Nintendo GameCube Controller. Playing as either Isa or Kachi, the player traverses through on-rail levels, moving and shooting independently. Attacking enemies can either be shot at from afar, or melee attacked when they are close enough. Some missiles can be melee attacked to turn them against enemies. Getting successive enemy hits whilst remaining unscathed increases the score multiplier.
title (ES)Sin and Punishment: Successor to the Sky
synopsis (ES)Un festival de tiros al estilo arcade, con multitud de enemigos a los que hacer frente, un espectacular mundo de ciencia ficción por descubrir y la posibilidad de jugar solo o con un amigo. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor es una aventura de cortar la respiración.
title (JA)罪と罰 宇宙の後継者
synopsis (JA)2000年に発売されたニンテンドー64用ソフト『罪と罰 地球の継承者』以来、9年ぶりの新作となる3Dアクションシューティング。人類が滅び、荒廃した地球を舞台に、攻撃能力の異なる2人のキャラクター、主人公イサ・ジョと謎の少女カチを操作し、多彩なステージで爽快なアクションが楽しめる。

title (ZHTW)罪與罰:宇宙的後繼者(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《罪與罰:宇宙的後繼者》是2000年11月21日發售的N64遊戲《罪與罰:地球的繼承者》的正統續作。

title (ZHCN)罪与罚 宇宙的后继者[WiFi](日)
developer Treasure
publisher Nintendo
release date 2015-3-25
genre action, rail shooter
rating B

content violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories pad
online players 0
online features score