PBVE - Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

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region NTSC-U
type VC-GBA
languages EN
title (EN)Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
synopsis (EN)Raise animals, grow crops, make friends, and follow your heart! A city girl, looking for her slice of country heaven on earth, buys what turns out to be a rundown farm. Like in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, it is up to you to successfully rejuvenate the farm and build a life for yourself. Plant and harvest crops, raise farm animals, marry the man of your dreams, and start a family! Take over the reins of life, and create your own pastoral adventure!
developer Natsume
publisher Natsume
release date 2015-10-29
genre simulation
rating E

content use of alcohol

players 1
req. accessories
accessories pad, pro controller, wiimote, classic controller
online players 0