NALE - Mario Kart 64

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region NTSC-U
type VC-N64
languages EN, FR, DE, ES, IT
title (EN)Mario Kart 64
synopsis (EN)Put the pedal to the metal in this worthy successor to the Super NES® classic, Super Mario Kart®. Mario Kart 64 boasts great graphics, tons of unique power-ups and a stunning 3-D version of the legendary Battle Mode. With improved courses and a revolutionary head-to-head four-player mode, Mario Kart 64 is sure to win the heart of any race-driving fan. The game includes 20 different courses filled with dips, valleys, jumps, tunnels and bridges. Smooth, precise control – a trademark of all games from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto – will bring players back time and time again for freewheeling fun.
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2016-1-21
genre racing
rating E

players 4
req. accessories
accessories pad, pro controller, wiimote, classic controller
online players 0


Mario Kart 64 VC-N64 cover (NALE)

Mario Kart 64 VC-N64 cover (NALE)