JBQJ - Daikoukai Jidai II

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region NTSC-J
type VC-SNES
languages JA
title (EN)Daikoukai Jidai II
synopsis (EN)Get ready to embark on an adventure across the seas! Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is a game set in the Age of Discovery, the golden era of European global exploration during the early 16th century. The player selects one of six characters to play as, each with different backgrounds and different motivations. With over 130 destinations, unearth treasures including rare animals and monuments while commandeering a fleet and avoiding enemies on open waters. While visiting exotic ports, recruit new members to your fleet, purchase new ships and upgrades, gather useful information for your next target and settles disputes by challenging adversaries to duels. Cast off and set sail across the world's oceans in a quest for adventure.
title (JA)大航海時代II
developer Koei Tecmo Games
publisher Koei Tecmo Games
release date 2013-10-30
genre simulation, role-playing, strategy

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0