JAKJ - Super Mario Kart

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region NTSC-J
type VC-SNES
languages JA
title (EN)Super Mario Kart
synopsis (EN)Start your engines for the original, legendary Super Mario Kart, which spawned a series that is still going strong today.
Choose from eight Mushroom Kingdom characters, from familiar faces like Mario and Bowser, to Donkey Kong Jr. in his only karting appearance. Burn rubber across classic courses like Mario Circuit, Bowser Castle, Koopa Beach and the infamous Rainbow Road!
Race solo, go head-to-head with a friend, and experience the original version of two-player favourite: Battle Mode!
title (JA)スーパーマリオカート
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2013-6-19
genre action, racing

players 2
req. accessories
accessories pad, pro controller, wiimote, classic controller
online players 0