HAAJ - Mii Maker

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region NTSC-J
type Channel
languages JA
title (EN)Mii Maker
synopsis (EN)Make a Mii for everyone in the family, and more. Create original Mii characters that represent you, your family, friends, or anyone you like using the built-in Mii Maker application. These Mii characters will appear in Miiverse and specially designed Wii U games, putting you right into the gaming experience! If you want a head start in creating your Mii, take a picture of yourself using the built-in camera on the Wii U GamePad. Mii Maker will automatically create a Mii. You can then edit further to complete your creation. You can transfer Mii characters created on a Nintendo 3DS system using either its QR Code® pattern, or via direct wireless communication. When you perform a Wii System Transfer, the Mii data on your Wii console will also be transferred. You can create fun photo shoots with your Mii character, or QR Code® patterns that can be shared with other Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners. Using all of the various ways to create and import Mii characters, plus any Mii that visits to play over the Internet, you can save up to 3,000 on one Wii U console shared between all users.
release date 2014-1-1

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0