FE4E - City Connection

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region NTSC-U
type VC-NES
languages EN
title (EN)City Connection
synopsis (EN)Making a clean getaway will be your greatest masterpiece! After breaking into a paint store in New York City, the cops are now coming after you! Carrying leaky 10-gallon paint cans, drive over every mile of New York City highways before catching a boat to England. From there, you will go on a tour of the world, avoiding the police and leaking paint all over the place. Your only defense: picking up oil cans left on highways and throwing them at police cars. Send the police for a spin, and knock them off the road as you make your getaway!
developer HAMSTER, Co.
publisher HAMSTER, Co.
release date 2016-3-17
genre action, racing, platformer, puzzle
rating E

content comic mischief, tobacco reference

players 2
req. accessories
accessories pad, wiimote, classic controller
online players 0