DACP - Mario Kart DS

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region PAL
type VC-DS
languages EN, FR, DE, ES, IT
title (EN)Mario Kart DS
synopsis (EN)Frantic speed and item-tossing mayhem await on these racetracks!

Race along with Mario and his friends in five single-player modes and over 30 courses. Knock out the competition with your driving skills as you rocket-start the race, use drifting and turbos at critical points, and deploy crazy items to gain an advantage.

Get ready for total shell-tossing mayhem! Choose one of 12 Nintendo characters as you race through challenging tracks that become even more so with deployable items at your disposal. Enlist in the Grand Prix for the trophy prize in eight different cups. Start a Time Trial, and try to best your fastest time with your own ghost. Play against a computer-controller kart in VS mode for a quick race. Try out some fun kart minigames like Balloon Battle and Shine Runners in Battle mode. Or try clearing some Missions to practice your technique in becoming the ultimate Mario Kart racer!
title (NL)Mario Kart DS
synopsis (NL)Start je motoren en doe je gordel om voor Mario Kart DS! Kart-veteranen en beginners strijden om de eer op 32 circuits die hun gelijke niet kennen. Ontdek de spelstanden Grand Prix, Time Trial, VS., Battle en Mission. Dit was de eerste game in de serie met klassieke circuits uit eerdere Mario Kart-games. Ook heeft dit spel de Blooper and Bullet Bill geïntroduceerd, en een editor voor het aanpassen van je karts. Mario Kart DS bevat meer inhoud dan je in een Spiny Shell kunt proppen!
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2015-4-2
genre racing, party
rating 3

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0