BGXJ - Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge

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region NTSC-J
type eShop
languages JA
title (EN)Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge
synopsis (EN)Make minis march like never before in this free download. Tap an amiibo™ figure to guide 1 of 11 minis across more than 50 levels. Use minis and their unique abilities, like Yoshi™ who can eat enemies or Luigi™ who jumps to high places to reach the exit. But watch out! Mine carts, ghostly Boos and other new obstacles lurk around every corner. Whether you're playing on a Nintendo 3DS™ or Wii U™ system, simply tap any compatible amiibo figure to get started. Or, by tapping specific amiibo figures, you can guide minis that have their own unique abilities and exclusive sets of levels. These specially designed, character-themed levels include their own look, remixed music and obstacles for you to master, which comes in handy the more you play. Earn in-game amiibo tokens with different minis to unlock even more difficult challenges.
title (JA)ミニマリオ&フレンズ amiiboチャレンジ
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2016-1-28
genre action, puzzle
rating A

players 1
req. accessories pad
accessories amiibo
online players 0