BECE - Citadale

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region NTSC-U
type eShop
languages EN
title (EN)Citadale
synopsis (EN)Return to your vampire hunting roots. A new way to hunt old evil.

Citadale - Gate of Souls is a 2D Action game. You follow Sonja Dorleac as she Infiltrates a dark fortress and fights her way through the hordes of the undead. Utilize the Wii U™ GamePad and TV in different ways to view the entire map while you play. With Miiverse™ integration, you can obtain stamps as you progress through the levels and challenges.
developer Nitrolic Games
publisher Nitrolic Games
release date 2016-11-24
genre action, adventure, role-playing
rating T

content blood, violence, partial nudity

players 1
req. accessories pad, pro controller
online players 0