AEZE - Ectoplaza

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region NTSC-U
type eShop
languages EN
title (EN)Ectoplaza
synopsis (EN)Have the time of your afterlife.

A breakneck game about irritable ghosts wreaking havoc on haunted hotels, paranormal guests, and each other.

Join a party of poltergeists as they rampage through underworld-renowned resorts from which they can never escape. Monster mash with up to four players and have the time of your afterlife.

Choose from six unhappy haunts, each with their own stats and game-changing special abilities.
Master a multi-tiered charge & fling system to unleash quick chomps, trick shots, and devastating ricochets.
Smash your way through 5 settings and 15 different levels, each with different stage hazards.
Be the last ghost standing in Afterlives, collect the most ectoplasm in Collectoplaza, or score the winning goal in Ghostball.
developer Syndicate Atomic, LLC
publisher Syndicate Atomic, LLC
release date 2016-10-27
genre action, party
rating E

content mild fantasy violence

players 4
req. accessories pad
accessories wiimote, nunchuk, classic controller
online players 0


Ectoplaza eShop cover (AEZE)

Ectoplaza eShop cover (AEZE)