XHZP - Chronos Twins DX (Demo)

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region PAL
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)Chronos Twins DX (Demo)
synopsis (EN)This is a demo version. It is possible that it does not support every feature of the full version. Please note that you cannot save the progress of your game in the demo version.
Enter into the original world of Chronos Twins DX to live a fantastic adventure full of innovative ideas! Thanks to its Dual Gameplay game system, you'll be able to control Nec in two temporal scenarios at the same time. Chronos Twins DX mixes action, platforms, adventure and puzzles that will challenge your intelligence and ability.
Special Features:
• Explore an unknown world where you'll discover many hidden secrets.
• 19 levels packed full of alien beings and spectacular final bosses.
• Play in two worlds simultaneously and solve challenges that would otherwise be impossible to finish in only one world.
• Change the past by moving items or defeating creatures, and the present will change accordingly in real time.
• Fantastic 3D graphics, with particle effects, fog and blooming.
(Content available in English, French, and Spanish.)
release date 2014-1-1

players 1
req. accessories
online players 0


Chronos Twins DX (Demo) WiiWare cover (XHZP)

Chronos Twins DX (Demo) WiiWare cover (XHZP)