WRTE - Robox

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region NTSC-U
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)Robox
synopsis (EN)Survive on planet's surface, repair your interior with the help of the little creatures.

An exploratory probe has been sent to a strange planet to investigate the loss of several previous probes and to collect information. Following a crash landing on the planet’s surface, our main character loses the skills that were to enable the accomplishment of the mission. Help him recover them with the help of the strange creatures that have taken over his mechanical interior...and discover the truth behind his new mission!

You can enjoy a complete adventure mode that takes place in different locations around the planet, exploring different paths and discovering the many secrets hidden in the planet. Inside the exploratory probe, you can control tiny creatures that will help you to repair the areas damaged by the crash landing, thus recovering skills and accessing memory files. If you cannot move through the interior of the robot you must find amber rocks on the outside in order to obtain to new creatures and progress through the internal circuits.
publisher DreamBox Games
release date 2010-11-1
genre action, platformer
rating E

content fantasy violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Robox WiiWare cover (WRTE)

Robox WiiWare cover (WRTE)