WPSX - Playstation (PSX) Emulator

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region PAL
type Channel
languages EN
title (EN)Playstation (PSX) Emulator
synopsis (EN)The PlayStation, often abbreviated to PS, and commonly known as the PS1 or its codename, PSX, is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The console was first released on December 3, 1994 in Japan and was the first of the PlayStation lineup of home video game consoles. It primarily competed with the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn as part of the fifth generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation is the first computer entertainment platform to ship 100 million units, which it had reached 9 years and 6 months after its initial launch.

This is a forwarder channel for WiiSX and WiiSXR, a PSX emulator by the Wii64Team (emu_kidid, sepp256, tehpola). It is based on various PCSX code bases.
developer Mastershoes
publisher Nintendo
release date 2018
genre emulator

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube pad
online players 0


Playstation (PSX) Emulator Channel cover (WPSX)

Playstation (PSX) Emulator Channel cover (WPSX)