WMBE - MaBoShi's Arcade

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region NTSC-U
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)MaBoShi's Arcade
synopsis (EN)Aim for a million points in three shape-based games. Watch as actions of one player impact the other players!

Featuring three distinct modes and simultaneous play across three game windows, the constantly changing environment of Maboshi's Arcade creates an atmosphere unlike any other. Each of the modes is based on one of three familiar shapes (circle, stick, and square) and offers the same goal: score a million points. Use the intuitive controls to bash enemies in Circle mode, weave your way through Stick mode, or burn a path around obstacles in Square mode—all while dealing with power-up items and keeping watch on what effects the other game windows may have on your own. Also featuring Mii characters, action replays that you can send to your Wii Friends via WiiConnect24, and the ability to download a version to a Nintendo DS, you may never want to leave this arcade!
title (ES)MaBoShi's Arcade
synopsis (ES)MaBoShi es un juego de acción único, debido a su peculiaridad de incluir en sí tres juegos, cada uno de los cuales influye en el curso de los otros.
El objetivo último es alcanzar un millón de puntos, ¡y cuenta también con una versión descargable para Nintendo DS!
developer Mindware Corp.
publisher Nintendo
release date 2008-12-29
genre action, puzzle
rating E

players 3
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0
online features score sharing, Nintendo DS link


MaBoShi's Arcade WiiWare cover (WMBE)

MaBoShi's Arcade WiiWare cover (WMBE)