WHXE - Helix

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region NTSC-U
type WiiWare
languages EN
title (EN)Helix
synopsis (EN)Helix is a music rhythm game where you move your arms to the music! Groove to 26 different songs with 3 difficulties!

Helix is one of the most innovative music-rhythm games ever designed for the Wii console. Use the Wii Remote controller to do dozens of exciting moves, including punches, circles, back fists, hooks and more. Be mesmerized by the eye-popping background visuals, which pulse to the beat of the music. Enjoy incredible replay value with 26 songs to play and three difficulty levels. Try to unlock all of the songs. This game is great for getting exercise plus having fun. No buttons are required, so it's easy for anyone to pick up but difficult for even the best players to master.
title (ES)Helix
synopsis (ES)Helix es uno de los juegos basados en el ritmo de la música más innovadores jamás diseñados para la videoconsola Wii.

Mueve los mandos de Wii en el aire para realizar unos 30 movimientos fascinantes

Te quedarás con la boca abierta con los alucinantes gráficos de fondo que se mueven al ritmo de la música.

Disfruta de su increíble ""replay value"" con decenas de canciones diferentes para elegir y tres niveles de dificultad. ¡Intenta desbloquear todas las canciones!
title (ZHCN)螺旋 舞动全身(美)
developer Ghostfire Games
publisher Ghostfire Games
release date 2008-8-25
genre music, dance
rating E

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Helix WiiWare cover (WHXE)

Helix WiiWare cover (WHXE)

Helix WiiWare cover (WHXE)
Helix WiiWare cover (WHXE)