WALP - Art Style: light trax

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region PAL
type WiiWare
languages EN, FR
title (EN)Art Style: light trax
synopsis (EN)Control a beam of light through multiple sectors, shifting between 2-D and 3-D views. Go for 1st place or a high score!

Art Style: light trax takes racing to whole new (and very surreal) levels as you control a white beam of light moving perpetually forward while your viewpoint shifts between 2-D and 3-D perspectives.

Start by choosing one of the two main modes of game play, each with its own distinct goal. In light tours mode, you vie with other light beams for the most points in a three-course racing tour. Watch out for obstacles, use items, and strategically use your dash ability to finish first. In freeway mode, your objective is to set a high score by traveling the greatest distance within a set amount of time. Mastering the intricacies of each setting is crucial: you’ll have to alternate between them in order to progress through the game and unlock all of its modes.

With precise controls packed in and a driving techno soundtrack, Art Style: light trax offers an experience unlike any other. Are you ready to compete in a mind-bending race at the speed of light?

Games in the Art Style series feature elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls, creating an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play.

title (FR)Art Style : light trax
synopsis (FR)Decouvrez un jeu de course original en prenant le contrôle d'un rayon de lumière blanche et en battant vos adversaires à plates coutures. Avec une bande-son et un style graphique alternant les vues en 2D et en 3D, Light Trax vous fait plonger dans un univers cérébral que vous aurez du mal à quitter
title (ES)Art Style: Light Trax
synopsis (ES)Disfruta de un juego de carreras diferente, asume el control de un haz de luz blanca e intenta eclipsar a la competencia. Con una fantástica banda sonora y un estilo visual envolvente que alterna entre 2D y 3D, light trax te hará volver una y otra vez para correr otra vuelta.
title (DK)Art Style: light trax
synopsis (DK)I Art Style: light trax skal du styre en lysstråle, som konkurrerer med andre lysstråler om at komme først i mål. Du bevæger dig automatisk fremad, så du kan koncentrere dig om at styre farten og overhale eller skifte position i feltet, gennem en række sektorer, mens perspektivet skiftevis er 2-D og 3-D.

Sats på førstepladsen eller flest point! Der er to spilfunktioner at vælge imellem: Campaign, hvor du deltager i en turnering med tre baner og konkurrerer om at komme først, og Freeway, hvor det gælder om at få flest point ved at komme så langt som muligt indenfor en given tidsfrist.

Den nemme styring og det motiverende gameplay gør sammen med retrostilen og det elektroniske lydspor Art Style: light trax til en oplevelse ud over det sædvanlige!
developer Skip Ltd.
publisher Nintendo
release date 2010-6-25
genre racing
rating 3

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Art Style: light trax WiiWare cover (WALP)

Art Style: light trax WiiWare cover (WALP)

Art Style: light trax WiiWare cover (WALP)


Art Style : light trax pochette WiiWare (WALP)

Art Style : light trax pochette WiiWare (WALP)