SW3EJJ - Winter Stars

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Winter Stars
synopsis (EN)The competition heats up when the temperature drops in this Olympic-style sports festival! Become a cold-weather legend in 11 different sports: downhill skiing, bobsledding, snowmobiling, snowboard cross, ski jumping, figure skating, biathlon, curling, paraskiing, short-track, and curling. Experience what it's like to compete as and live the life of a superstar in a story-based single-player mode, complete with quick-hit arcade-style training mini-games between events. Win championships and bragging rights in four-person online and local multiplayer, including a Family Mode that allows each player to choose their own difficulty level. Do well and earn points to purchase new equipment and upgrade your skills so you can elevate your performance.
title (ES)Winter Stars
synopsis (ES)Winter Stars trae la emoción y la diversión de los deportes de invierno a casa de los jugadores permitiéndoles competir con amigos y familiares por trofeos y medallas. Podrás jugar seleccionando la opción un jugador o multijugador. Elige entre controles normales o controles de movimiento. Tendrás la opción de jugar al modo carrera para principiantes o modos más difícil de dominar; lo que es ideal para familias.
title (ZHTW)冬季滑雪明星(美)
synopsis (ZHTW) 遊戲收錄了冰壺,雪地機動車,雪橇,滑降,花樣滑雪,滑雪射擊,滑雪板,跳躍滑雪等多種多樣的冬季運動,最多允許四人在線或脫機對戰。單人玩家也可以體驗職業系統和角色養成等內容。
title (ZHCN)冬季滑雪明星(美)
synopsis (ZHCN) 游戏收录了冰壶,雪地机动车,雪橇,滑降,花样滑雪,滑雪射击,滑雪板,跳跃滑雪等多种多样的冬季运动,最多允许四人在线或脱机对战。单人玩家也可以体验职业系统和角色养成等内容。
developer 49Games
publisher Deep Silver
release date 2011-11-15
genre sports, ski, snowboarding
rating E

content mild violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories balance board
online players 2
online features online connectivity


Winter Stars Wii cover (SW3EJJ)

Winter Stars Wii cover (SW3EJJ)

Winter Stars Wii cover (SW3EJJ)
Winter Stars Wii disc (SW3EJJ)

Winter Stars Wii disc (SW3EJJ)