SVBE52 - Battleship

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN, FR
title (EN)Battleship
synopsis (EN)The battle for Earth begins at sea. Where it ends is in your hands! Battleship sets up a stand-alone story that puts you on the front lines of the fight for our planet's survival. Lead the charge against an alien force in Nintendo-exclusive gameplay where you'll strategically command the U.S. Navy fleet. Deploy your ships in turn-based play that builds on the classic game with a Story Mode and action inspired by real-life battles. Choose your character and defend the planet with destroyers, subs, frigates, patrol boats, and battleships. You'll unlock maps and characters to use in a Skirmish Mode that lets you customize the action.
title (ZHTW)战舰
synopsis (ZHTW)本作是配合《战舰》同名改编电影上映的原创第一人称射击类游戏。 《战舰》游戏版将沿用电影的世界观设定,不过故事则相对独立,玩家将扮演爆破专家科尔·马希斯(Cole Mathis),率领旗下舰队保卫夏威夷群岛不受外星人的袭击。游戏将采用时下主流的FPS,虽然和策略类的原桌游大相径庭,不过我们依旧能从游戏中看到不少“原版”的细节——比如游戏中的战略海战。
title (ZHCN)战舰
synopsis (ZHCN)本作是配合《战舰》同名改编电影上映的原创第一人称射击类游戏。 《战舰》游戏版将沿用电影的世界观设定,不过故事则相对独立,玩家将扮演爆破专家科尔·马希斯(Cole Mathis),率领旗下舰队保卫夏威夷群岛不受外星人的袭击。游戏将采用时下主流的FPS,虽然和策略类的原桌游大相径庭,不过我们依旧能从游戏中看到不少“原版”的细节——比如游戏中的战略海战。
developer Magic Pockets
publisher Activision
release date 2012-5-15
genre action, strategy, shooter, first-person shooter, turn-based strategy
rating E10+

content mild violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


Battleship Wii cover (SVBE52)

Battleship Wii cover (SVBE52)

Battleship Wii cover (SVBE52)
Battleship Wii disc (SVBE52)

Battleship Wii disc (SVBE52)