SUPE01 - Wii Party

SUPE01 - Wii Party

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN, ES
title (EN)Wii Party
synopsis (EN)The whole family stars in its own electronic board game. Most video games require players to focus their attention on a screen. Now Nintendo brings the action into the living room with Wii Party, a game that changes the way people interact with other players. Featuring 13 different party game modes and 70+ minigames, Wii Party can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, regardless of age.
title (ES)Wii Party
synopsis (ES)¡La fiesta que tu Mii estaba esperando! Wii Party es una nueva colección de juegos de fiesta perfectos para esas tardes que compartes con tus familiares y amigos. Meteos en la piel de vuestras versiones Mii y pronto encontraréis a muchos otros personajes Mii en las más divertidas situaciones.
title (ZHTW)Wii 派對(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)《Wii 派對》為一款最多 4 人遊玩的派對遊戲,玩家將使用 Mii 角色來玩,遊戲類型有「客廳派對」、「慣例派對」、「搭檔派對」三種。


  而「慣例派對」則準備了「賓果」、「陞官圖」等大家所熟悉的 5 種遊戲,任何人都能輕鬆上手。

  「搭檔派對」收錄 2 人一起遊玩時才特別有趣的遊戲 3 款,如「心心相印(相性チェック)」會透過興趣、想法等問答測驗,來確認兩人的熟悉度及契合度,及要掌控好左右平衡,免得翻船的「平衡船」

  除了上述多人遊戲外,在「慣例派對」和「搭檔派對」中,更包含多種小遊戲達 80 種以上,除了可一個人玩,還能夠進行對戰、合作遊玩喔。
title (ZHCN)Wii欢乐聚会(美)
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2010-10-7
genre board game, party
rating E

content mild cartoon violence

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk
online players 0
version (1)


Wii Party Wii cover (SUPE01)

Wii Party Wii cover (SUPE01)

Wii Party Wii disc (SUPE01)