SSZE5G - Swords

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Swords
synopsis (EN)Swords pits you against the best of the best from past, present, and future in the ultimate sword fighting contest. This is what you’ve trained for, this is your destiny. Make your way from the dojo to the Final Showdown, and prove that you are the greatest swordsman of all time!


• The Wii Remote, with Wii Motion Plus, is your ultimate weapon!

– Experience the realism of 1:1 sword movement, real time blocking, and advanced combos!
• Earn new swords with every victory, each with its own unique abilities.
• Travel through time and space, compete in challenging tournaments, and face-off against the masters of each style in brutal boss battles.
• Challenge a friend or play together in a variety of training drills.
• Increase your skills and learn new combos in mini game challenges, like carving, sparring, blocking, and even battling a horde of zombies!
• Battle against 8 unique characters, each with a distinct look and home arena that represents their fighting styles:
– Sensei Musashi: Your sensei, and adopted father. He will prepare you for the tournament.
– Rognir: This giant Viking chieftain swings a big sword and is looking to take your head off. Be alert, and quick!
– Lancelot: Sir Lancelot is a brave knight of the round table. Using a broadsword and shield, his only weakness is his ritualized fighting style.
– Princess Aisha, the Generous: Aisha is a swift and dangerous foe. Catch her when she changes direction and exploit this short window of vulnerability.
– Captain Jack Rackham: A clever and nimble opponent, Captain Jack is a first class scoundrel. Watch out for his cheating ways and his bag of blinding sand.
– Keiko Anamura: This flirtatious lady will lure you in with compassion before stabbing you in the back. Her temper is her greatest strength, and also her weakness…
– Razor: The last of the Jumandi hunter droids, Razor comes from the distant future. Armed with laser swords and capable of incredible acrobatic moves, Razor almost seems undefeatable…
– Mysterious final combatant: who will it be?
title (ES)Swords
synopsis (ES)Enfréntate a los mejores espadachines del pasado, el presente y el futuro en el concurso definitivo de esgrima. Ésto es para lo que has entrenado tanto, éste es tu destino. Ábrete camino derrotando a cada enemigo que se interponga en tu camino, ¡y demuestra que eres el mejor guerrero de todos los tiempos!
title (ZHTW)劍(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)本作是一款支持MOTION PLUS,能高度還原身體動作的體感對戰類遊戲。玩家將可以通過在遊戲中獲勝取的多種多樣的寶劍,每種都具有其獨特的能力,並以此戰勝不同時空中艱難的BOSS戰。
title (ZHCN)剑(美)
developer Panic Button
publisher Majesco Sales Inc
release date 2010-9-21
genre fighting
rating T

content violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories motion plus
online players 0


Swords Wii cover (SSZE5G)

Swords Wii cover (SSZE5G)

Swords Wii cover (SSZE5G)
Swords Wii disc (SSZE5G)

Swords Wii disc (SSZE5G)