SSJEJJ - Summer Stars 2012

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Summer Stars 2012
synopsis (EN)Travel all around the world to prove you're the world's best all-around athlete in this fully loaded collection of summer sports! Compete in over 18 challenges in stadiums and arenas across the globe as you prove your athletic prowess in track and field events, swimming showdowns, outdoor contests, and more. Experience a story-driven Career Mode, challenge up to three friends in split-screen multiplayer, or have the family join in party play that levels the field by balancing everyone's skill level. Compete in events like diving, sprinting, mountain biking, and more as you control your on-screen athlete with classic arcade-style controls or go all-in with full motion-control support.
title (ZHTW)夏季明星 2012(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)該遊戲擁有超過18種不同的項目和挑戰,涵蓋了整個夏季運動。玩家可以在如三級跳遠,山地自行車,跳水或短跑項目中充分證明自己的才華,並在生涯模式中成為頂尖的運動員。在多人模式中,他們可以在分屏中與三個朋友或是家庭成員一起遊
title (ZHCN)夏季明星 2012(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)该游戏拥有超过18种不同的项目和挑战,涵盖了整个夏季运动。玩家可以在如三级跳远,山地自行车,跳水或短跑项目中充分证明自己的才华,并在生涯模式中成为顶尖的运动员。在多人模式中,他们可以在分屏中与三个朋友或是家庭成员一起游玩。
developer 49Games
publisher Deep Silver
release date 2012-7-17
genre sports
rating E

content mild violence

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories balance board
online players 0


Summer Stars 2012 Wii cover (SSJEJJ)

Summer Stars 2012 Wii cover (SSJEJJ)

Summer Stars 2012 Wii cover (SSJEJJ)
Summer Stars 2012 Wii disc (SSJEJJ)