SRYEAF - ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout
synopsis (EN)ExerBeat offers an interactive fitness experience where players workout to the beat by utilizing the Wii Remote to perform more than 150 simple yet challenging exercises. With a wealth of activities, in-game personal trainers, customizable programs and data for calories burned, ExerBeat offers a robust virtual workout studio for the home.

With more than 150 fun fitness-oriented activities spanning a variety of categories such as dance, martial arts, body conditioning, and quirky mini-game type party games, there are plenty of choices for players of every age and skill level to get active.

ExerBeat also includes exercises which are compatible with the Wii Balance Board (sold separately) and Wii MotionPlus accessories to expand the range of gameplay options even further. The game supports one or two players simultaneously with the option to play with two Wii Remotes (one for each hand) or just one in either the right or left hand.

ExerBeat includes various modes to encourage a healthy, ongoing fitness routine. An in-game personal trainer helps customize workout programs based on the player’s personal goals and preferences, while daily and weekly challenges motivate players to achieve accomplishments on a consistent basis. The game provides data on estimated calories burned after each activity and includes records on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so players can track their progress regularly. On-screen instructors enhance the training experience as they provide direction as well as fitness tips and feedback to guide players.

As an added incentive, an Around the World mode converts players’ workout results into an equivalent distance walked across the globe. This provides a tangible, visual representation of progress as players see their Mii characters traveling the world and stopping at nearly 100 international locations along the way. At each landmark, new exercises and modes are unlocked and interesting facts about the local culture are revealed, providing an enriching experience for the mind as well as body. With the ability to track multiple profiles, players can compete to travel farther than their friends and family.
title (ES)ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout
synopsis (ES)¡Sigue el ritmo y cuenta las calorías que pierdes en este nuevo juego de entrenamientos en el que podrá participar toda la familia! ExerBeat ofrece 155 ejercicios, en los que podrás usar el mando de Wii, la Wii Balance Board y el Wii MotionPlus, para transformar tu casa en un paraíso deportivo.
title (ZHTW)動感塑身派對(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)  遊戲中收入 8 大運動項目,有拉丁舞、hip hop、拳擊、有氧、空手、瑜伽…等,細項共計 140 種以上,玩家能隨著節拍起舞律動。而且部份項目可以選用平衡板,使得身體動作能獲得更多的檢測、以標準動作進行鍛鍊。另外還收錄韻律對戰模式,能同時享受兩人對戰樂趣,並達到運動效果。

title (ZHCN)动感塑身派对(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)  游戏中收入 8 大运动项目,有拉丁舞、hip hop、拳击、有氧、空手、瑜伽…等,细项共计 140 种以上,玩家能随着节拍起舞律动。而且部份项目可以选用平衡板,使得身体动作能获得更多的检测、以标准动作进行锻炼。另外还收录韵律对战模式,能同时享受两人对战乐趣,并达到运动效果。

developer Namco Bandai
publisher Namco Bandai
release date 2011-4-26
genre health, fitness
rating E

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories motion plus, balance board
online players 0


ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout Wii cover (SRYEAF)

ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout Wii cover (SRYEAF)

ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout Wii cover (SRYEAF)
ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout Wii disc (SRYEAF)

ExerBeat: Gym Class Workout Wii disc (SRYEAF)