SRSE20 - Super Sonic Racer

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Super Sonic Racer
synopsis (EN)To bring home the checkered flag in this kart racer, you will travel to places you have never seen in a racing game! Super Sonic Racing sends you to four worlds, each more bizarre than the next, but all geared for super-charged driving action. Choose from 12 crazy characters with equally unusual rides. Drive a space shuttle, monster truck, futuristic magnetic superbike, pizza-delivery mobile, and more. Compete on 16 reversible tracks in the fiery Nightmare World, the shimmering Underwater World, the video-game-inspired Game World, or the garbage-covered planet of Trash World. Use boosts to outmaneuver other drivers and watch out for hazards just waiting to derail your charge to victory.
title (ES)Super Sonic Racer
synopsis (ES)Con doce sobresalientes vehículos y excéntricos personajes, ¡Super Sonic Racer lo tiene todo! Del transbordador espacial a la camioneta monstruo, del repartidor de pizzas a la motocicleta magnética del año 2400, ¡todos los vehículos que puedas imaginar (y más) participarán en esta frenética competición!
title (ZHTW)超級音速賽車(美)
title (ZHCN)超级音速赛车(美)
developer Team 6 Game Studio
publisher Zoo
release date 2011-7-22
genre racing
rating E

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories wheel
online players 0


Super Sonic Racer Wii cover (SRSE20)

Super Sonic Racer Wii cover (SRSE20)

Super Sonic Racer Wii cover (SRSE20)
Super Sonic Racer Wii disc (SRSE20)

Super Sonic Racer Wii disc (SRSE20)