SR5E41 - Raving Rabbids Party Collection

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN, ES
title (EN)Raving Rabbids Party Collection
synopsis (EN)Rayman takes a back seat to the raving rabbids in this collection of Ubisoft's insane mini-game titles.

Making their first appearance in time for the Nintendo Wii's launch, the raving rabbids have quickly become the face of one of Ubisoft's most popular mini-game franchises. With their uncontrollable nature and psychotic personalities, the rabbids have gone on to front a whole host of titles. Rabbids Party Collection places their first three games into one package: Raving Rabbids, Raving Rabbids 2 and Raving Rabbids TV Party.

The first in the mini-game series, Rayman Raving Rabbids, keeps its focus on Ubisoft's iconic character, Rayman, as he works his way through a selection of over-the-top mini-games that utilize the Wii Remote, as well as a more story-driven adventure mode. Its sequels place further emphasis on the loveable rabbids themselves, providing less plot in favour of a more robust selection of insane mini-games. Over 175 mini-games are available across the three titles in total.

Rabbids Party Collection gives players a huge amount of mini-game content in one package, each featuring Ubisoft's weird and wonderful rabbid creations.
title (ES)Raving Rabbids Party Collection
synopsis (ES)¡Los Rabbids invaden tu Wii! La trilogía más disparatada del mundo de los videojuegos vuelve a la carga en una colección que te volverá loco... ¡como un Rabbid! Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 y Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party, todos en un sólo disco... ¡BWAAAAH!
title (ZHTW)雷曼超人 瘋狂兔子派對合集(美)
title (ZHCN)雷曼 疯狂兔子 派对合集[WiFi][平衡板](美)
developer Ubisoft Paris
publisher Ubi Soft Entertainment
release date 2010-10-22
genre party
rating E10+

content animated blood, comic mischief, crude humor, cartoon violence, mild language

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories balance board
online players 0
online features score sharing


Raving Rabbids Party Collection Wii cover (SR5E41)

Raving Rabbids Party Collection Wii cover (SR5E41)

Raving Rabbids Party Collection Wii cover (SR5E41)
Raving Rabbids Party Collection Wii disc (SR5E41)

Raving Rabbids Party Collection Wii disc (SR5E41)