SPAE5G - Pirates Plund-Arrr

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Pirates Plund-Arrr
synopsis (EN)Ahoy Matey! In Pirates Plundarrr, plunder the land and the waters of the Caribbean as a pirate with up to 3 of yer' best pirate mates in a swashbuckling fantasy-adventure! That scallywag Rudebelly has stolen yer' treasure--an ancient artifact called the Sceptre of Power--and it's yer' job to get it back. The scepter will let a man call forth plenty o' monsters, so be prepared to fight undead creatures, other monstrosities, and dangerous bosses that ye'll find on yer' journey to find Rudebelly and get your booty back!

* Fight your way through a fantastic adventure with creature-filled areas including a murky swamp, an Aztec temple and a haunted village
* Share the excitement with up to 3 other friends in a party style, 2D beat-em up!
* Find and use an arsenal of weapons with 5 distinct weapon types and dozens of variations, each with different attacks and abilities
* Use the environment to your advantage; pick up and throw rocks and barrels to damage creatures, or just pick up your enemies and throw ‘em overboard!
* Fight up to 40+ unique enemies from skeletons to zombies and battle giant deadly bosses that will try to keep you from finding your treasure
* Gain XP points to earn perks and level up your characters with upgrades that will cause more damage to your enemies
title (ES)Pirates Plund-Arrr
synopsis (ES)En Pirates Plund-Arrr, los jugadores lucharan por las zonas llenas de criaturas como un pantano turbio , una ciudad bajo el agua, y un pueblo perseguido que en ultima instancia, el cara a cara contra el canalla Rudebelly y recuperar sus tesoros robados.
title (ZHTW)海盜大冒險(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)本作是一款以海盜為主題的動作遊戲,玩家可以和其他3個朋友一起打倒其它海盜、幽靈(以及海盜的幽靈),展開尋找魯德貝利船長權杖的冒險。
title (ZHCN)海盗大掠夺(美)
developer BoomZap
publisher Majesco Sales Inc
release date 2010-6-18
genre action, adventure
rating E10+

content cartoon violence, comic mischief, mild language

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Pirates Plund-Arrr Wii cover (SPAE5G)

Pirates Plund-Arrr Wii cover (SPAE5G)

Pirates Plund-Arrr Wii cover (SPAE5G)
Pirates Plund-Arrr Wii disc (SPAE5G)

Pirates Plund-Arrr Wii disc (SPAE5G)