SMJE52 - Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Monster Jam: Path of Destruction
synopsis (EN)Get behind the wheel of the world’s biggest and baddest monster trucks and prove you’re the best at the Monster Jam World Finals!

• Authentic Monster Trucks: Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Blue Thunder and more that look and handle like their real-life counter¬parts!
• Authentic Setting: Perform in a live event with unique truck introductions, pyrotechnics, stage lighting and a thunderous crowd!
• Authentic Action: Experience what driving a Monster Truck is all about in stadium racing, freestyle, stunt challenges, circuit racing and more!
• Create and Customize Your Own Truck: Create your very own monster truck with thousands of options and unlock new parts and performance upgrades!
• Multiplayer: Challenge your friends in head to head multiplayer
• Monster Jam Custom Steering Wheels: Get the true experience with the Monster Jam Steering Wheel.
title (ES)Monster Jam: Path of Destruction
synopsis (ES)¡Mas grandes, más audaces, más monstruosas! Únete a la emoción de los eventos Monster Jam en una batalla sin piedad hasta la final del Campeonato Mundial. Elige una de las 28 impresionantes camionetas o crea la tuya a tu gusto, ¡y pisa bien fuerte el acelerador!
title (ZHTW)怪物卡車 毀滅之路(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)  由Activision發售的賽車遊戲《怪物卡車:毀滅之路》將會盡量貼近真實地重現怪獸賽車的魅力,遊戲中玩家可以自定義賽車、卡車調校,以體現怪獸賽車那驚人的破壞力。本作將提供8個場地,30種授權賽車,場地包括GraveDigger,MaximumDestruction和Grinder等。
title (ZHCN)怪物卡车 毁灭之路(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)  由Activision发售的赛车游戏《怪物卡车:毁灭之路》将会尽量贴近真实地重现怪兽赛车的魅力,游戏中玩家可以自定义赛车、卡车调校,以体现怪兽赛车那惊人的破坏力。本作将提供8个场地,30种授权赛车,场地包括GraveDigger,MaximumDestruction和Grinder等。
developer Virtuos
publisher Activision
release date 2010-11-9
genre racing, truck racing
rating E

content mild violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, wheel
online players 0
version (1)


Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Wii cover (SMJE52)

Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Wii cover (SMJE52)

Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Wii cover (SMJE52)
Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Wii disc (SMJE52)

Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Wii disc (SMJE52)