SEKJ99 - Ikenie no Yoru

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Ikenie no Yoru
synopsis (EN)Your torch is your only ally here. Tsukuyomi Valley has a history of sacrificing humans to the local gods. But 5 college students ignored the horrible history, ventured into the valley and never returned. Now, the only certain thing is that all of them came to a bloody end.

Your mission is to investigate the truth behind the brutal rites and find out what truly happened to the college students. If you have a friend with you, you can try to take down the enemy, and if you have the Wii board, you can zap yourself into the game, walk on the soggy soil and feel the chill seeping into your bones.

The night for sacrifice starts here.
title (ES)Ikenie no Yoru
synopsis (ES)Ikenie no Yoru (en español "La noche de los sacrificios") es un survival horror de la vieja escuela en el que cinco estudiantes quedarán atrapados en Tsukuyomi Ravine, un misterioso y oscuro lugar donde antiguamente se realizaban sacrificios humanos para ser ofrecidos a los dioses.
title (JA)イケニエノヨル
synopsis (JA)かつて神に生贄をささげていたという伝承が残る「憑夜見渓谷」を舞台に、暗闇に閉ざされた渓谷を探索する恐怖感と、その先に待つドラマチックな物語が特長のホラーゲームです。



title (ZHTW)活祭之夜(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《活祭之夜》以「憑夜見溪谷」為舞台,描述此地發生的恐怖慘劇,將帶給玩家一場驚悚的噩夢。

title (ZHCN)活祭之夜(日)
synopsis (ZHCN)《活祭之夜》以“凭夜见溪谷”为舞台,描述此地发生的恐怖惨剧,将带给玩家一场惊悚的噩梦。

developer Marvelous
publisher Marvelous
release date 2011-3-24
genre action, adventure
rating C

content horror, violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories balance board
online players 0


イケニエノヨル Wii cover (SEKJ99)

イケニエノヨル Wii cover (SEKJ99)

イケニエノヨル Wii disc (SEKJ99)
イケニエノヨル Wii disc (SEKJ99)