SDLE78 - Dood's Big Adventure

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Dood's Big Adventure
synopsis (EN)Welcome to Dood’s Big Adventure!

Using the power of the uDraw GameTablet you can draw, tilt and maneuver your way through 60 different challenging levels. Customize your own Dood to roll, float, and bounce through challenges by solving drawing related puzzles, collecting coins and defeating enemies, all in a world customized by you!

* 60 Levels in 4 Game Modes!
* Pen Panic: Draw a line through Dood and create a trampoline to bounce him through the levels!
* Roly Poly: Use the motion-control feature to roll Dood through the level by tilting the uDraw GameTablet.
* Bubble Trouble: Carefully guide Dood through the level by using the Stylus. Don’t touch the sides!
* Fan Frenzy: Move the Stylus around Dood who’s been blown up like a balloon. Blow him around the level. The harder you press, the harder the fan blows.
title (ES)Dood's Big Adventure
synopsis (ES)Utilizando el poder de uDraw GameTablet podrás dibujar, inclinarte y moverte a través de 60 desafiantes niveles. Personaliza a Dood para rodar, flotar y rebotar, incluyendo distintos retos: resolviendo puzzles, recogiendo monedas y derrotando enemigos, ¡todo en un mundo personalizado por ti!
title (ZHTW)杜德大冒險(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)  《杜德大冒險》是一款Wii冒險遊戲,設置了多達60個冒險關卡,玩家還可以通過繪圖板自己創造關卡和環境。
title (ZHCN)杜德大冒险(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)  《杜德大冒险》是一款Wii冒险游戏,设置了多达60个冒险关卡,玩家还可以通过绘图板自己创造关卡和环境。
developer THQ Digital Studios Phoenix
publisher THQ
release date 2010-11-13
genre party, drawing
rating E

content mild cartoon violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, uDraw
online players 0


Dood's Big Adventure Wii cover (SDLE78)

Dood's Big Adventure Wii cover (SDLE78)

Dood's Big Adventure Wii cover (SDLE78)
Dood's Big Adventure Wii disc (SDLE78)

Dood's Big Adventure Wii disc (SDLE78)