SCZEMH - Crazy Machines

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Crazy Machines
synopsis (EN)If you've ever wanted to set up an elaborate contraption just to do a simple task, then Crazy Machines is just what you're looking for. The Professor has unfinished machines located all over the world and it'll be up to you to complete his contraptions to set off a wacky chain reaction. There are 100 levels of mechanical mechanisms for you to solve alone or with a friend, cooperatively or competitively. Create your own instruments of insanity in Sandbox Mode and become a professor yourself!

title (ES)Crazy Machines
synopsis (ES)Si alguna vez soñaste con fabricar intrincados aparatos que realicen las más simples tareas, ¡éste es tu juego! El profesor ha dejado cientos de máquinas sin terminar a lo largo y ancho del mundo. Sólo tu podrás terminarlas y lanzar una increíble reacción en cadena. ¡Conviértete en un auténtico inventor!
title (ZHTW)瘋狂機器(美)
title (ZHCN)疯狂机器(美)
developer thinkSMART GAMES
publisher Mentor
release date 2011-7-7
genre arcade, puzzle
rating E

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0
save blocks 16 (copy move)


Crazy Machines Wii cover (SCZEMH)

Crazy Machines Wii cover (SCZEMH)

Crazy Machines Wii cover (SCZEMH)
Crazy Machines Wii disc (SCZEMH)
Crazy Machines Wii disc (SCZEMH)