SCSPGR - Cruise Ship Resort

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN, FR
title (EN)Cruise Ship Resort
synopsis (EN)We all need a little break from the hustle and bustle every now and then. Holidays are so in this year, but if you're a little bit bored of land why not take a cruise along the high seas instead? Cruise Ship Resort gives you that feeling of being whisked away on the ocean blue, with countless activities to entertain and refresh that tired mind of yours.

There are ten mini-games that are easy to get into, but truly difficult to master – and they're all based on the kind of things you can do while on a luxury cruise ship. Engage in a spot of mini-golf, or try some trap shooting and rock climbing. If those don't take your fancy, there's always the driving range and table tennis games to challenge your friends with.

Inside the ship itself you'll find a casino where those who like to gamble can get involved in some classic Blackjack, Craps and Roulette games. Get your friends around the living room and compete for the biggest score – as well as the trendiest cruise passenger on board. The Wii MotionPlus peripheral can be used for greater accuracy in the games and bonus equipment and outfits will unlock the more you play!
title (FR)Sports et Jeux en Croisière
title (ES)Cruise Ship Resort
synopsis (ES)Todos necesitamos unas buenas vacaciones para alejarnos del día a día y recargar energías. Esta temporada súbete al Cruise Ship Resort y disfruta de una imperdible colección de divertidos minijuegos junto a tus amigos y familiares. ¡Y con el Wii MotionPlus podrás desbloquear nuevos accesorios y vestimentas!
title (ZHTW)遊輪度假(歐)
title (ZHCN)游轮度假游戏[MP](欧)
developer Frozen Codebase
publisher GSP
release date 2010-9-25
genre party
rating 12

content gambling

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, motion plus, zapper
online players 0


Cruise Ship Resort Wii cover (SCSPGR)

Cruise Ship Resort Wii cover (SCSPGR)

Cruise Ship Resort Wii disc (SCSPGR)


Sports et Jeux en Croisière pochette Wii (SCSPGR)

Sports et Jeux en Croisière pochette Wii (SCSPGR)