SCAJ18 - CALLING Kuroki Chakushin

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)CALLING Kuroki Chakushin
synopsis (EN)CALLING brings new heights to the horror genre, with a breath-taking control system that immerses the player into its nightmare scenario. The player begins the game trapped in a strange room, with the Wii Remote doubling as the on-screen protagonist’s mobile phone. Using a torch to scour the dimly-lit area, players will also receive mysterious calls to their handset, which are answered by raising the Wii Remote to their ear. From this simple basis, CALLING then ramps up the fear, as a ghostly voice speaks directly to the user…

The story revolved around the urban legend of the ‘Page of Black’ website. Rumour has it that anyone accessing the site will die from a coma brought on by an unknown cause. The site is a simple black page with a numeric counter in the centre, but is linked to a low-key chat room. Not everyone can enter the chat room, but on doing so, the player’s psyche starts to receive calls from ‘Abyss’,. They then enter a state of limbo in a place known as ‘Border’ which is seemingly located between life and death.

There are several areas in the ‘Border’, and they are inhabited by Spirits which start contacting its various feelings via the user’s mobile phone. Occasionally, these spirits will also attack the player. As such, while avoiding their attacks, the user must attempt to solve the mysteries of ‘Border’ and has to seek an escape route.

CALLING is a horror title like no other. The fear generated by the received phone calls and the eerie location serve to create a tense, nightmarish situation. A clever mix of exploration and puzzle-solving is called into play, while the claustrophobic locations hide secrets and danger within their many shadows. From the moment the first, crackling call is received, CALLING will scare the player and make them wary of picking up the phone…
title (ES)CALLING Kuroki Chakushin
synopsis (ES)Te encuentras atrapado en una habitación extraña, donde el mando de Wii se convertirá en tu único enlace con el exterior, tu teléfono móvil. Utilizando una antorcha para avanzar, deberás resolver cientos de enigmas a través de claustrofóbicos escenarios que esconden secretos y peligros entre sus sombras.
title (JA)CALLING ~黒き着信~
synopsis (JA)"黒のページ"と呼ばれる謎のサイトにアクセスしたことで、死者の記憶の断片によって形成された"境界"に魂を取り込まれてしまった人々の恐怖を描くホラーアドベンチャー。


title (ZHTW)鬼來電 黑暗來信(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)遊戲講述的是傳說中有一個名叫「黑色主頁」的謎之網站,此網站的主頁在平時是一塊純黑的背景,只放置了一個日曆。然而據說有時點擊一下的話,進入其中的人便會被吸入到一個生與死之間的狹縫世界中去,永遠的徘徊於徬徨之中。主人公無意中看到了這個黑色主頁,並體驗到了世間罕有的恐怖。在這個被稱為「境界」的世界裡,任何人都能夠被吸進來,這裡還有普通的家庭、學校和醫院等等場所。


title (ZHCN)鬼铃 黑暗来电(日)
developer Hudson Soft
publisher Hudson Soft
release date 2009-11-19
genre adventure
rating B

content language, horror

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0
online features message board


CALLING ~黒き着信~ Wii cover (SCAJ18)

CALLING ~黒き着信~ Wii cover (SCAJ18)

CALLING ~黒き着信~ Wii disc (SCAJ18)