SC8K01 - Wii Play: Motion

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region NTSC-K
type Wii
languages KO
title (EN)Wii Play: Motion
synopsis (EN)Experience new magic in Wii motion with this collection designed to show some of the best moves the Wii has to offer! The 12 movement-based games in Wii Play: Motion offer unexpected new takes on interactive play. You'll use your controller in ways you never imagined. Hold it like an umbrella and pilot your way to the finish line in a windy race course. Use it to defend your garden from hungry invading animals, scan the room for ghosts, and more. Each game features family-friendly controls, adjustable difficulty levels, and four-person multiplayer.

title (ES)Wii Play: Motion
synopsis (ES)Si estás buscando algo divertido que puedas jugar en tu Wii y que sea accesible para todos, ¡no busques más! Wii Play: Motion te ofrece una completa colección de doce innovadores y divertidos minijuegos para jugar con tus familiares y amigos, aprovechando al máximo toda la potencia del mando de Wii Plus.
title (KO)Wii 리모컨플러스로 즐기는 버라이어티 게임 박스
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2012-2-9
genre arcade, party
rating ALL

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, motion plus
accessories nunchuk
online players 0


Wii 리모컨플러스로 즐기는 버라이어티 게임 박스 Wii cover (SC8K01)

Wii 리모컨플러스로 즐기는 버라이어티 게임 박스 Wii cover (SC8K01)

Wii 리모컨플러스로 즐기는 버라이어티 게임 박스 Wii disc (SC8K01)