S2QP54 - NBA 2K12

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN, FR, DE, ES, IT
title (EN)NBA 2K12
synopsis (EN)With over 5 million copies sold worldwide and over 20 Sports Game of Year awards, last year NBA 2K11 allowed you to BECOME THE GREATEST with MJ & the Jordan Challenge mode. This year the NBA 2K franchise is back and bigger than ever, providing fans with the opportunity they’ve always dreamed of – to finally END THE DEBATE as to who are the best teams and players of all time. Featuring such NBA legends as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as well as all of your favorite NBA players of today, NBA 2K12 will be packed with new and exciting features that will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead that, come October 4th, will put fans center court of an unprecedented basketball experience.

Key Features:

* Celebrates the legendary careers of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson with three different game covers

* Features 15 legendary NBA players, including Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dr. J and more

* Relive celebrated careers and heated rivalries from NBA history, re-created in meticulous detail

* Offers the most visually accurate NBA game to date by building off NBA Today's real-time stats, rosters, schedules and ratings

* Dynamically update every graphic detail of the game from the shoes to player models and court floors

* Delivers a dynamic broadcast style featuring players promoting their upcoming games and pregame highlight reels set to 2K Beats music

* Shoot, steal, pass, dunk and dominate your opponents on the floor with all-new control mechanics for post play and ball control to offer intuitive gameplay

* Adds more than 1,000 new animations for realistic and life-like gameplay

* Follow-up to the award-winning Sports Game of the Year, NBA 2K11

* Relive the league's most celebrated careers and rivalries, re-created in unbelievable detail. Take to the court as 15 NBA legends, including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. J, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and more. Dominate your opponents on the hardwood with all-new control mechanics for post play and ball control that let you intuitively shoot, pass, steal, dribble and dunk. Experience the most visually accurate NBA game that builds off NBA Today's real-time stats, rosters, schedules and ratings. Update graphic details from the shoes to the player models and court floors. Immerse yourself in the excitement and thrills of NBA action with an updated broadcast style that features players promoting their upcoming games and pregame highlights set to 2K Beats music. Are you ready to determine who is truly the greatest to ever play in the NBA?
title (ES)NBA 2K12
synopsis (ES)Con la posibilidad de jugar con leyendas como Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson y Larry Bird como así también los mejores jugadores de la liga actual, NBA 2K12 te ofrece la más completa experiencia de baloncesto que hayas visto en un videojuego. ¡Es hora de demostrar cuál es el mejor equipo de todos los tiempos!
title (ZHTW)NBA 2K12(歐)
synopsis (ZHTW)  《NBA 2K12》從球鞋到球員的外形甚至是球館的樣子,遊戲中每一個圖形方面的細節都將會被隨時更新。廣告牌以及記分牌的風格也將會改變。球員們每場比賽的動作重播以及中場休息總結時搭配動作的音樂將更加有衝擊力。

  今年並增加了超過 1000 個新動作,為背打和控球提供了全新的控制系統,讓遊戲比以前更加真實,更能做出玩家要求的動作。並且針對各個球員的招牌動作以及個人習慣更為強化,忠實重現球員的細微特徵。

◆ 加入 NBA 名人模式收錄 15 位傳奇球員

  今年的《NBA 2K》系列遊戲納入了更多內容,加入了全新「NBA’s Greatest(NBA 名人)」模式,收錄了麥可喬丹、魔術強森、賴瑞博德、卡林阿布都賈霸以及 J 博士等 15 位傳奇球員,「NBA’s Greatest(NBA 名人)」模式讓可以令玩家重新回味 NBA 史上稱得上豐功偉業的球員生涯與比賽,並煞費苦心地忠於史實精細重現。

◆ 強化的自創球員選項

  玩家能創造自己在遊戲中的自創球員,並且比起《NBA 2K11》具備更多可供調整的選項。可以從人物的膚色、表情、護腕、球鞋、身上的刺青甚至球員的打球風格都可以完全自由設定。玩家將要參與選秀會獲得球探的注意,並且在球季中活躍並累積金錢,用來購買各種新技能,甚至可以花錢來作公益提升形象、或是參加由傳奇球星麥可喬丹等人所舉辦的訓練營來一口氣提升能力。

  玩家將要帶領自創球員經歷從菜鳥變成 NBA 傳奇人物的精彩生涯,親自體驗 NBA 巨星的生活。加上現在能模擬比賽中的表現,球員發展將更為逼真。
title (ZHCN)NBA 2K12(欧)
synopsis (ZHCN)  《NBA 2K12》从球鞋到球员的外形甚至是球馆的样子,游戏中每一个图形方面的细节都将会被随时更新。广告牌以及记分牌的风格也将会改变。球员们每场比赛的动作重播以及中场休息总结时搭配动作的音乐将更加有冲击力。

  今年并增加了超过 1000 个新动作,为背打和控球提供了全新的控制系统,让游戏比以前更加真实,更能做出玩家要求的动作。并且针对各个球员的招牌动作以及个人习惯更为强化,忠实重现球员的细微特征。

◆ 加入 NBA 名人模式收录 15 位传奇球员

  今年的《NBA 2K》系列游戏纳入了更多内容,加入了全新“NBA’s Greatest(NBA 名人)”模式,收录了麦可乔丹、魔术强森、赖瑞博德、卡林阿布都贾霸以及 J 博士等 15 位传奇球员,“NBA’s Greatest(NBA 名人)”模式让可以令玩家重新回味 NBA 史上称得上丰功伟业的球员生涯与比赛,并煞费苦心地忠于史实精细重现。

◆ 强化的自创球员选项

  玩家能创造自己在游戏中的自创球员,并且比起《NBA 2K11》具备更多可供调整的选项。可以从人物的肤色、表情、护腕、球鞋、身上的刺青甚至球员的打球风格都可以完全自由设定。玩家将要参与选秀会获得球探的注意,并且在球季中活跃并累积金钱,用来购买各种新技能,甚至可以花钱来作公益提升形象、或是参加由传奇球星麦可乔丹等人所举办的训练营来一口气提升能力。

  玩家将要带领自创球员经历从菜鸟变成 NBA 传奇人物的精彩生涯,亲自体验 NBA 巨星的生活。加上现在能模拟比赛中的表现,球员发展将更为逼真。
developer Visual Concepts
publisher Take Two
release date 2011-10-7
genre sports, basketball
rating 3

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories classic controller
online players 0
version (1)


NBA 2K12 Wii cover (S2QP54)

NBA 2K12 Wii cover (S2QP54)

NBA 2K12 Wii disc (S2QP54)


NBA 2K12 pochette Wii (S2QP54)

NBA 2K12 pochette Wii (S2QP54)


NBA 2K12 Wii cover (S2QP54)

NBA 2K12 Wii cover (S2QP54)


NBA 2K12 Wii cover (S2QP54)

NBA 2K12 Wii cover (S2QP54)