RZREGT - The Destiny of Zorro

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN, FR, DE, ES, IT
title (EN)The Destiny of Zorro
synopsis (EN)Players will make an incredible action-packed journey through the sun-scorched coast and desert landscape of early 1800’s Spanish California playing as the infamous Zorro – the swashbuckling defender of the oppressed whose secret identity is the fictional wealthy caballero Don Diego de la Vega.

Using the unique properties of the Wii controller, players can whip, slice and of course perform Zorro’s signature ‘Z’ slash move to bring his foes to justice.

The Destiny of Zorro draws inspiration from the Mexican, Spanish and Native Southwest American cultures prevalent in California in the early 1800’s – the time of the original Zorro. The multi-tiered story sees Zorro confronting the nefarious Calavera and his troops, defeating a plot to steal a great treasure, thwarting a power-hungry mob boss, and facing off against a rebel army.

Players will discover the secrets behind the origin of Zorro himself. The game also carries forward some of the explosive plot lines suggested by recent Zorro properties, such as the recent blockbuster Hollywood movies.
title (ES)The Destiny of Zorro
synopsis (ES)¡El apasionante mundo de El Zorro en tu Wii! Experimenta las aventuras de capa y espada en este nuevo título de acción para Wii. Una aventura diseñada para hacerte sentir todo un héroe a través de una historia repleta de romances e intensa y sensible interactividad.
title (ZHTW)蒙面俠蘇洛的宿命(美)
title (ZHCN)佐罗的宿命(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)“佐罗绝对是最适合在Wii上推出的游戏”游戏的制作方如是说,在游戏中玩家可以使用Wii的两个控制器来操作佐罗的移动和各种剑术攻击,当然也包括那标志性的“Z字签名”。   游戏并非改编自前些年的好莱坞电影,而是根据最早期的佐罗作为游戏中的形象,玩家通过游戏也能了解到这位西班牙英雄的传奇历史。
developer Pronto Games
publisher 505 Games
release date 2009-5-5
genre action, adventure
rating E10+

content mild violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


The Destiny of Zorro Wii cover (RZREGT)

The Destiny of Zorro Wii cover (RZREGT)

The Destiny of Zorro Wii cover (RZREGT)
The Destiny of Zorro Wii disc (RZREGT)

The Destiny of Zorro Wii disc (RZREGT)