RZPK01 - Link's Crossbow Training

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region NTSC-K
type Wii
languages KO
title (EN)Link's Crossbow Training
synopsis (EN)Anyone can pick up the Wii Zapper and become a master marksman in the quick-play shooting galleries of Link's Crossbow Training. Dozens of fast-paced stages offer a wide variety of game play, from shooting stationary targets to defending a supply wagon from onrushing hordes of enemies. Multiplayer modes let players and their friends share a Wii Zapper to shoot for the high score.

Link's Crossbow Training comes bundled with the Wii Zapper. After a few rounds of Link's Crossbow Training, players will be more than ready to pick up any of the future Wii Zapper titles, like Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Ghost Squad and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Link's Crossbow Training contains three basic game styles: target shooting, defender and ranger. There are 27 stages in total, and these categories represent only generally how each individual stage operates. Each stage's goal is to earn the highest score possible within the time limit. All rounds can be played with multiple players: Players pass the Wii Zapper around and then play one at a time and compete for the high score.
title (ES)Link's Crossbow Training
synopsis (ES)¡Vuelve a Hyrule para perfeccionar tu puntería! Ambientado en algunos de los más impresionantes paisajes del juego The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link's Crossbow Training es un shooter cargado de acción pensado para mejorar nuestras habilidades de tirador utilizando el novedoso Wii Zapper.
title (KO)링크의 사격트레이닝
title (ZHTW)林克的十字弓訓練(韓)
synopsis (ZHTW)遊戲中玩家將扮演操作林克,以中的十字弓來戰鬥。透過Wii槍架上的Wii遙控器光學指標準星瞄準與射擊,雙截棍的搖桿操控林克的行動,對抗妖魔大軍的入侵。
title (ZHCN)林克的弓箭训练(韩)
synopsis (ZHCN)游戏中玩家将扮演操作林克,以中的十字弓来战斗。透过Wii枪架上的Wii遥控器光学指标准星瞄准与射击,双截棍的摇杆操控林克的行动,对抗妖魔大军的入侵。
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2010-1-1
genre action, shooter
rating ALL

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


링크의 사격트레이닝 Wii cover (RZPK01)

링크의 사격트레이닝 Wii cover (RZPK01)