RV8E20 - Beach Fun: Summer Challenge

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN, FR, ES
title (EN)Beach Fun: Summer Challenge
synopsis (EN)Beach Fun Summer Challenge. Instead of sweating away in smelly gyms or cramped little stadiums, athletes in Beach Fun - Summer Challenge enjoy their favorite sports under a tropical sun in a Caribbean ambiance. This is not about medals and records; these beginner-friendly Wii™ beach Olympics are all about gaming fun, together with or against other players.

Six different sports offer plenty of variety in a gorgeous island setting:

Water skiing
This is all about passing the gates that are scattered across the crystal-clear waters from the correct side. To win more time, try cutting through the gates. But if you risk too much, you might miss a gate or two!

Through clever moves of your Wii Remote, you steer your stunt kite so that it will pop as many of the balloons scattered across the clear blue sky as possible. Perceptive kiters get to collect bonus points by hitting special balloons.

Crazy golf
If you like miniature golf, you will love crazy golf! Taking the right stance and hitting with just the right amount of strength will lead you to success. You need to avoid all the obstacles featured in the varied natural courses, and make the terrain work for you if you want to stay under par.

Beach tennis
Just like in real tennis, you hit the ball with a corresponding movement of the Wii Remote. A short stop-ball just behind the net, a powerful serve, or a daring pass? No problem, thanks to the innovative controls. This is great fun, especially in multiplayer mode.

Flying discs
Just tossing that disc around gets a little boring. For some extra fun and excitement, add a couple of goals. Only by aiming at the corners and accelerating the disc can you score a goal. If your opponent catches the disc, however, it is his or her turn to try for a goal.

In the fine, white sand, you need to place your own balls as closely as possible to the target ball. Sounds easy enough, but your opponent can foil your plans at any time with one well-aimed throw, because it is also possible to remove other players' balls from the target.
title (ES)Beach Fun: Summer Challenge
synopsis (ES)Sol, playa, océano... ¡un paraíso en tu propia casa! Descubre la isla Coral y participa de variadas competiciones en los más asombrosos entornos tropicales. Una completa colección de divertidos deportes playeros para jugar con amigos y familiares. ¡La diversión y la alegría vacacional están aseguradas!
title (ZHTW)夏日海灘趣味挑戰(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)夏季、海灘、陽光,rtl公司把這一切融合成了一個遊戲。rtl 運動將給你6種很棒的遊戲:沙灘排球、飛盤、瘋狂高爾夫、衝浪、擲球、滑水。
title (ZHCN)夏日海滩趣味挑战(美)
developer Sproing Interactive Media
publisher Zoo Games
release date 2010-7-23
genre action, sports
rating E

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Beach Fun: Summer Challenge Wii cover (RV8E20)

Beach Fun: Summer Challenge Wii cover (RV8E20)

Beach Fun: Summer Challenge Wii disc (RV8E20)

Beach Fun: Summer Challenge Wii disc (RV8E20)