RT5E8P - SEGA Superstars Tennis

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)SEGA Superstars Tennis
synopsis (EN)Smash it up with SEGA superstars in wacky tennis fun! Coming to Wii and the DS, Sonic and other favorite characters take center stage to compete in one giant, action-packed tennis competition!

Suit up with Sonic, Aiai (Super Monkeyball), NiGHTS, Ulala (Space Channel 5), Beat (Jet Set Radio) and other characters, all with their own unique personalities and special moves in an entertaining world filled with unexpected crazy action. From rock’in DJ’s to hording zombies, each environment hosts mayhem around every corner – a perfect fit for unleashing Superstar powers to smash a winning ace.

Featuring a host of unique and crazy SEGA courts, wild party games, and unpredictable action, SEGA Superstars Tennis is guaranteed to score out-of-this-world fun.

· Tennis with a Twist – Sonic and 15 other SEGA Superstars compete in party-filled environments unleashing their Superstar powers to hold court in the wackiest tennis game ever.

· Have A Ball on 10 Whacky Courts – Wreak havoc in unique action-packed environments, such as Sonic’s Green Hill Zone and an alien-packed space portal, and unlock special bonus items.

· 8 Wild Party Games – Blast zombies, smash and dodge alien aircraft, or knock out devious criminals! Eye-popping madness with every stroke!
title (ES)SEGA Superstars Tennis
synopsis (ES)Si crees que Sonic es rápido, ¡vas a flipar en colores cuando le veas manejar la raqueta! Los personajes más famosos de SEGA saltan a la pista en SEGA Superstars Tennis, un juego de tenis entretenido a más no poder y repleto de partidos y minijuegos.
title (ZHTW)SEGA 超級巨星網球(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)由 SEGA 製作,集合旗下眾多電玩明星的趣味網球遊戲《SEGA 超級巨星網球(SEGA SuperStars Tennis)》,是款趣味風格的網球遊戲,收錄來自眾多 SEGA旗下經典名作的角色與場地,讓玩家在各種遊戲場景風格的球場進行激烈逗趣的網球比賽。

遊戲登場角色包括《音速小子》的索尼克、艾美、影子、蛋頭博士,《太空第五頻道》的舞菈菈,《超級猴子球》的艾艾,《熱舞森巴》的森巴猴,《噴射廣播電台》的DJ 少年、《飛天幽夢》的奈茲...等等,每個角色都有著符合原作風格的特殊球技。
title (ZHCN)世嘉超级明星网球(美)
developer Sumo Digital
publisher Sega of America
release date 2008-3-18
genre sports, tennis
rating E10+

content mild blood, mild fantasy violence, mild suggestive themes

players 4
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories classic controller
online players 0


SEGA Superstars Tennis Wii cover (RT5E8P)

SEGA Superstars Tennis Wii cover (RT5E8P)

SEGA Superstars Tennis Wii disc (RT5E8P)

SEGA Superstars Tennis Wii disc (RT5E8P)