RR2ENR - Rig Racer 2

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Rig Racer 2
synopsis (EN)Get behind the wheel of these mammoth trucks and roll out onto some of the craziest racetracks around.Ever wanted to drive a Big Rig? How about speed around a racetrack in one? Well now you can experience the thrill in Rig Racer 2!

Steer these huge beasts around the craziest race circuits in Europe with the intuitive Wii Remote control scheme. Take on the most unique Wii racing game yet alone or with a friend in competitive two-player split-screen action. Guide these mammoth vehicles through twisting turns, stiff competition, and realistic weather conditions, from sunshine to heavy rain. Keep your rig on the road to avoid damage, or pull into the pits to get fixed up. But every second counts in tough races like these. Get truckin’!
title (ES)Rig Racer 2
synopsis (ES)Ponte al volante de estos gigantescos camiones y conduce por algunas de las pistas de carreras más locas del mundo. ¿Alguna vez soñaste conducir semejante vehículo? ¡Pues ahora puedes experimentar la emoción en Rig Racer 2!
title (ZHTW)裝載卡車競賽2(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)駕駛著超重型卡車飛奔在賽道上的感覺你體會過嗎?這是個比較真實的遊戲,無論從操縱感還是損毀度上看都很真實。不裝任何貨物的超重型卡車,馬力強勁,轉向不夠靈活,坐在駕駛室裡聽到的隆隆引擎聲,還有從不同角度碰撞後的產生的不同的外形變化,以及碰撞帶來的加速影響。所有這些都很像現實中的大卡車。
title (ZHCN)装载卡车竞赛2(美)
developer Data Design Interactive
publisher Destineer Studios
release date 2008-1-2
genre racing, truck racing
rating E

content mild violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories wheel
online players 0


Rig Racer 2 Wii cover (RR2ENR)

Rig Racer 2 Wii cover (RR2ENR)

Rig Racer 2 Wii cover (RR2ENR)
Rig Racer 2 Wii disc (RR2ENR)