RPSJ4Q - Disney Princess Wii

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Disney Princess Wii
synopsis (EN)Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey offers young girls the chance to meet and interact with the beloved Disney Princesses while encouraging creativity, exploration and positive messages.

Players will customize their own unique heroine character and take part in a fun-filled adventure through four unique levels to help the Princesses restore order in their enchanted kingdoms and overcome evil. Each Disney Princess has a different story and magical world for girls to explore as they discover what it means to be a true princess — courage, friendship, trust, and discovery.

Designed to match the way young girls play games, Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey provides the youngest with beautiful levels to explore, and offers adventure elements for older children.


Befriend and interact with your favorite Princesses – Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine
Play as your own customizable heroine princess character, selecting her name, dresses, accessories, hair, skin tone and eye color
Utilize unique, themed magic as you explore and adventure through four enchanted Princess worlds
Earn rewards for exploration and achieving goals to keep motivation high
Team up with a friend for cooperative multiplayer and play together throughout the entire game for Wii
Experience a variety of minigames that complement the adventure gameplay
Enter Belle’s world and meet Belle and Lumiere as unlockable bonuses
title (ES)Disney Princess Wii
synopsis (ES)Elige a tu princesa Disney preferida y vive una aventura llena de magia y diversión a través de cuatro niveles únicos, en los que deberás ayudarla a restaurar el orden y la paz en el Reino Encantado. Un juego pensado para estimular la creatividad, la exploración y el espíritu heroico.
title (JA)ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ
title (ZHTW)迪斯尼公主 魔咒下的旅行(日)
title (ZHCN)迪斯尼公主 魔咒下的旅行(日)
developer Papaya Studio
publisher Disney Interactive
release date 2007-12-6
genre adventure
rating A

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ Wii cover (RPSJ4Q)

ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ Wii cover (RPSJ4Q)

ディズニープリンセス 魔法の世界へ Wii disc (RPSJ4Q)