RMLJH4 - Metal Slug Complete

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Metal Slug Complete
synopsis (EN)Each included game in the Metal Slug Complete offers game play and game objectives centered around a futuristic battle between two military groups known as the Regular army, and the Rebellion. In 2026, the Rebellion army launches an assault that pushes the Regular army forces to the brink of destruction. With superior numbers of troops and weapons, the Rebels overwhelmed the Regular army in all aspects.

Seeing their disadvantage to carry out direct attacks against the Rebellion, the Regular army then decided to carry out numerous special operations and create certain vehicles to accompany their commandos. As a direct result of this new plan, a newly designed tank code named "Metal Slug" was put into production.

Unfortunately, the Rebellion captured many of the newly produced Metal Slug tanks, and starting using them against the Regular army. With their government and military in shambles, the Regular army gathered its scattered troops and launched a desperate counter attack; recapture the stolen vehicles and use them to destroy the opposition. If the vehicles can't be captured, destroy them.

Your job is to help the Regular army defeat the Rebellion by using a myriad of different male and female characters, vehicles (including various animals and tanks), and weapons.
title (ES)Metal Slug Complete
synopsis (ES)¡Los siente mejores juegos de acción y puntería militar en un solo disco! Únete al equipo de Metal Slug y celebra el décimo aniversario de la serie a lo largo de siete aventuras con las que explorarás sus distintas épocas. ¡Una colección que no puedes perderte!
title (JA)メタルスラッグ コンプリート
synopsis (JA)「メタルスラッグコンプリート」は、「メタルスラッグ」シリーズをすべて収録した10周年記念タイトル。収録タイトルはメタルスラッグ1から6までの合計7タイトル。


title (ZHTW)越南大戰 完全版(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《越南大戰完全版》是慶祝「越南大戰」誕生十週年的紀念合集,收錄越南大戰從1到6共計7部作品。

title (ZHCN)合金弹头 完全版(日)
synopsis (ZHCN)《合金弹头完全版》是庆祝「合金弹头」诞生十周年的纪念合集,收录合金弹头从1到6共计7部作品。

developer Terminal Reality
publisher SNK Playmore
release date 2007-12-27
genre action, 2D platformer, run and gun
rating B

content violence

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube pad
online players 0


メタルスラッグ コンプリート Wii cover (RMLJH4)

メタルスラッグ コンプリート Wii cover (RMLJH4)

メタルスラッグ コンプリート Wii disc (RMLJH4)

メタルスラッグ コンプリート Wii disc (RMLJH4)