RMHC08 - Monster Hunter Tri (Custom)

RMHC08 - Monster Hunter Tri (Custom)

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title (EN)Monster Hunter Tri (Custom)
synopsis (EN)Hunt majestic monsters together in an immense, beautiful world.

Monster Hunter is set in a massive, sublime land where humans and monsters co-exist. You play the role of an up-and-coming hunter, who must accomplish various quests to achieve glory and help the residents of their village survive.

Hunters will track monsters, set traps, and either capture or slay a variety of majestic monsters. When a monster is slain, the hunter can carve off their horns, scales and bones, which can be used to create a huge variety of weapons and armor. These items can be bought or crafted by giving the village blacksmith materials and a fee.

Using Wii to its fullest, showcasing beautiful graphics and a dynamic ecosystem, Monster Hunter Tri allows for unparalleled co-op gameplay, both on and offline. Hunt with up to four players online or two players offline in arena mode. Also, in Arena mode, you’ll have the ability to save your character’s information to the Wii Remote directly so you’re always ready to play at a friend’s house!

Do you have the courage to hunt the monsters that roam your world? It won’t be easy – the monsters are strong and numerous. Yet by hunting together with friends, or braving it solo with your ChaCha Fighting Companions, there is no monster that cannot be defeated. Sharpen your favorite weapon and invite your friends, hunting season is about to begin...
title (ES)Monster Hunter Tri (Personalizado)
title (ZHCN)怪物猎人3(ACG汉化简体中文版)
developer Capcom
publisher Capcom
release date 2011-1-1
genre action, role-playing

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0