RMCJ41 - Wiimms MKW-Fun 2019-06.jap

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region NTSC-J
languages JA
title (EN)Wiimms MKW-Fun 2019-06.jap
synopsis (EN)For the first time, the new MKW-Fun is based on LE-CODE by Leseratte with many new options (see below). In particular, all tracks are included, which are rotated in the previous versions due to lack of space. Since the rotation is no longer necessary, the upcoming versions of MKW-Fun no longer appear in the fixed 3-month interval, but on demand.

Features: 72 cups, 312 custom tracks, 10 custom arenas, 11 new tracks + 47 updates, Wii + Wii U + Dolphin, PAL + USA + Japan + Korea.

Track list: https://ct.wiimm.de/dis/42
developer Nintendo, many custom track authors, Leseratte, Wiimm
publisher Wiimm, wiimm.de/r/mkw/fun
release date 2019-6-21
genre racing

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, classic controller, nintendo ds, wheel
online players 12
online features online connectivity, score sharing, Wiimmfi


Wiimms MKW-Fun 2019-06.jap CUSTOM cover (RMCJ41)

Wiimms MKW-Fun 2019-06.jap CUSTOM cover (RMCJ41)