RMCEM6 - New Mario Kart Seven

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region NTSC-U
languages EN
title (EN)New Mario Kart Seven
synopsis (EN)There's a new way to play Mario Kart 7! Grab your Wii Wheel or your tradicional controllers and have fun with Mario Kart 7 race tracks in Mario Kart Wii gameplay style.

And battle mode? You can battle on 10 new retro battle stages, such as GCN Nintendo Gamecube, DS Tart Top, N64 Double Deck, and many others!

Tired of playing alone? You can play with 4 players local, or jump to 12 players through Wiimmfi connection! Just set your console's connection, and start the fun! No more configuration needed!

The game still in uptades, bringing some new features and race tracks. Stay tuned for more informations!
developer Nintendo
publisher Mateus Vianna
release date 2016-3-2
genre racing
rating E

content comic mischief

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, motion plus, classic controller, gamecube pad, wheel
online players 12
online features online connectivity, score sharing, message board, Wiimmfi
save blocks 23 (copy move)


New Mario Kart Seven CUSTOM cover (RMCEM6)

New Mario Kart Seven CUSTOM cover (RMCEM6)

New Mario Kart Seven CUSTOM disc (RMCEM6)